5 stylish ways to master the art of wearing scarves

Every culture brings forth their personal twist on an array of fashion statements! So why should the art of wearing a scarf be any different? After all, it’s the small accessories that leave a big and chic impact. The French women don scarves with panache while the Italian wear them with sprezzatura. But the Middle Eastern woman wear it as a token of pride for it represents the ethical values that have smoothly transformed as a key fashion element into our everyday ensembles. Here are some treasured style tips on mastering the art of wrapping a scarf like a pro:


A men’s staple – Who said men don’t set fashion trends?

Men, bread and kisses! Everything is classier when its French and so is the Parisian scarf knot. Parisian is the most classically worn scarf style and seems to carry on its legacy of elegance into the contemporary fashion world. Fold your scarf half and wrap it around your neck. Then take the free ends and pass them through the loop and viola! You have adorned the most heart-warming method of wearing a scarf!


Twice around neck – It takes two to tango


As the name suggests, twice around scarf style means wrapping the scarf around once and repeating it again in a manner that is piles up loosely around the neck region. The raffish scarf technique is a little difficult to keep in place so make sure you tie a knot at the back before making the second loop.


The turban head wrap –  Carrie Bradshaw inspiration



For all the fashionistas out there, Carrie Bradshaw from ‘Sex and the City’ was a role model as a fashion guru. Remember when she and her girlfriends planned their summer getaway to Abu Dhabi? If you want to replicate this look then all you have to do is fold your scarf in half and line the centre of the fold with the base of your head. Now bring both the ends forward and cross them over in the front. Then take the loose ends to the back and tie them up in a knot and adjust the excess by tucking them in the front knot. There you go! Time to head off to Desert Safari.


The neck knot – Inspired by French girls

The neck knot has no right or wrong! You can opt for the chic method of the French girls where they just tie a knot on the side of the neck. Or you can go for the cowboy method and make way for a casual plan with your loved ones!

Scarves are your best accessory – Flaunt it like a boss

One of the most elegant ways to carry off a silk scarf is to wrap it around your handbag handles or tie an adorable bow to make it look like a tempting arm candy. The versatility that silk scarves have to offer lets your fashion diva shine through. You can be a little bold and tie silk scarves as a head band or even around your waist. Très- chic!

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