Art Collection 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Why start an art collection? Simple: now is the best time to invest in artists, their creations and your personal taste.


Collecting artworks is one of the most sophisticated forms of shopping in the world. It’s as old as humanity and will remain for as long as there are human beings. Acquiring art helps individuals channel their creativity and passion.

To avoid the usual problems amateur art collectors face, there are some guidelines you might want to consider:


Guideline #1: Know Your Taste

What type of art makes your soul happy? Makes your mind wander and wonder? Recognize the patterns in the artworks you like and dislike. Some adore landscape photography while others prefer illustrations.
Art comes in so many forms and styles, it can be overwhelming. You might even develop a special bond with multiple art forms, which takes us to…


Guideline #2: Taste Evolves & Changes

It’s important to recognize the changing patterns of art preferences; what we like and create a connection with reflects part of who we are as human beings. As we evolve and change, so will our tastes. Keep an open mind and welcome new forms of art expression that might ignite a new spark in your heart.


Guideline #3: Research

Collecting art can be both exciting and scary! Proper researching helps you make better and more informed decisions. Research and learn about significant movements through history, iconic artists, industry terminology, current trends. You should especially learn more about your preferred art medium.


Guideline #4: Consider The Space

Usually, collected artworks are meant to be shown at homes, which makes the following questions important:  what are the dimensions of the artwork? Do you have the space for it? Which room will it belong to? Is the artwork already framed? If not, what’s your framing plans? Will it go well with the rest of your artworks? How will the lighting affect it? What about storage? 


Guideline #5: Set a Budget

Set a budget and stick to it. Perhaps impulse buying will feel like it’s worth it the first couple of times, but in the long run, collecting artworks should be planned and within your financial capabilities. 


Guideline #6: Buy What Makes You Happy!

The golden rule in life and Art! Art is subjective and extremely personal, so do not focus a lot on trends (unless you’re planning on re-selling the pieces). Buy something that’s going to make you happy and make your house feel more like a reflection of who you are.


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