Dwelling into the artistic façade of everyday hustle bustle

Our new collection is a surreal depiction of the imaginative flair that resides in each of us! As the fast-

paced life routine engulfs our creativity we often look past the wonders that surround us. With the

mindset of reawakening our observational skills and inspired perspective, Osheq has launched its

exclusive scarf collection that speaks of Middle Eastern culture, heritage and customs draped in the

contemporary world of today. So what are you waiting for? Don our exotic collection of vibrant

patterned scarves and be the trend setter!



For the city dwellers, there something about urban life that strikes a balance between vitality and

serenity. If the city inspires you to make your dreams come true (or live them if you are lucky) then why

not strike a pose with the patterned square scarf! Let your inner diva shine through as you struggle to

make your dreams an astonishing reality. P.S You can also get this artistic visual in pocket square!


The miracle of life

For the Dubai residents, Miracle Garden is a refreshing weekend get away! The tourist spot is an ideal

fusion of man-made wonders flamboyantly adorned with natures' treasures. Among the several displays

of artistic marvels, we decided to take the picture of the roller coaster showcasing a biker in action. It

represents the zeal, escapade and living-on- the-edge attitude that personifies our brand. It's time to

wrap some artistic action around your neck, waist, wrist or even your handbag! Who wouldn't want to

make way for some creative masterpiece in their wardrobe?


Life Up-close

When was the last time you stopped to take a deep breath and let your surroundings touch your soul?

Or indulged in a moment of silence that drifted to being a self-reflection instant? The busy routine keeps

us at the bay, away from the simple beautiful moments that surpass us every single day. Osheq latest

collection lets you experience the beauty of simple life with its symmetrical representation of still

eventful captures. The next time you think of flaunting a white-on- white ensemble make sure to

accentuate your look by wearing abstract art scarves. It's about time that people start taking your take

on fashion seriously!


Our collection consists of intricate patterns, animal motifs and symmetrical design patterns that unfold

the stories of the city life, contemporary and classical! We’ve designed each scarf for its fashion creed

and bold look so you can add that oomph factor to your overall fashionista look! Our scarves echo the

skills of talented artists that have been given the platform to showcase their flair for creativity in the

limelight of fashion.

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