Our Purpose

We live in a world raving for change & craving peace, with illiteracy levels in some communities still unacceptably high for the age we live in. On top of it all, ignorance is spreading like wildfire & reshaping the image of our culture. As artists & passionate readers, we have a dream to build something that will grow & last, an idea that reflects the beauty of our world & the true image of our cities. Art & knowledge are the tools that can inspire people of all ages & help them develop a positive attitude toward life while equipping them with the right mindset to grow both socially & professionally.


Inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s initiative to spread knowledge & encourage reading in the Arab world, we are collaborating with local artists, writers, publishing houses, non-profit literacy & education organizations as well as the general public to spread our message & create opportunities for underprivileged people in our communities to get access to books which could empower them & reduce knowledge gaps.


Accordingly, for each wearable artwork sold, we commit to donating a book to someone who needs it, supporting their growth & their communities’ development.

Do you have some books you would like to donate?

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