About Osheq

Osheq is a Dubai-grown fashion studio & art collective that designs unique & limited edition wearable artwork based on photography, paintings & illustrations inspired by the Arab world & the Middle Eastern cities & Culture. Osheq was founded with a higher Purpose, a social conscience & a strong belief that Art & Knowledge can change the world. We have proudly adopted a buy-one-give-back model, so we commit to donating a book to literacy & education non-profit organisations for each wearable artwork sold.

Why Osheq

Osheq is a Universal word (عشق) that means extreme love. To us, Osheq is more than a mere word - it's spelling in Arabic comprises of 3 letters, & each letter represents one dimension of our brand.


The first letter, ‘ع’, is also the first letter of the word عين (Eye):  We believe that the way we see the world defines the way we react to it.

The second letter, ‘ش’, alludes to the word شغف (Passion): Our passions in life defines our sense of direction & our growth in this world.

The third letter, ‘ق’, represents the word قلب (Heart): The source of all forces of positive change in ourselves & the lives we intersect with.


Osheq’s logo is the visual union of the symbols of those 3 words: Eye, Passion & Heart.

عشق / Osheq is about Art x Fashion x Purpose. It is about seeing the world (Art), feeling the world (Fashion) & changing the world (Purpose).

What we do

Osheq works closely with Middle Eastern artists to promote their talents and reflect a creative & inspiring image of their countries and cities. We curate, license their art and turn them into limited edition series of ‘Wearable Artworks’ while maintaining high artistic standards throughout the production process. All our wearable artworks are produced using the best twill silk & eco-friendly ink & come with an authenticity certificate.


Wearable Art

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