Streets of Beirut - Yellow Edition

Wander the “Streets of Beirut” with your wearable artwork, a visual collage made by the artist Ghena safawi. It is a representation of Beirut’s interlaced neighborhoods and hidden gems, where the past meets the present.

The splash of yellow integrated in your wearable artwork represents the City’s vibrant streets - where the enthusiasm of neighbors echoes through closed doors and their love for life resonates through their everyday lives.


50 Limited Edition Wearable Artwork

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Artist Ghena Safawi
Dimensions 180 x 60 cm
Medium Photography
material 100% Twill Silk
Art Origin Beirut, Lebanon
Date 2015

Original Artwork, all copyrights are retained by the artist; artwork cannot be reproduced without consent from Osheq & Fullmoon Experiments FZ LLC.

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