Glimpse of Osheq


Osheq is an art platform founded with a Higher Purpose, a social conscience & a strong belief that Art & Knowledge can change the world. Our aim is to provide young collectors & art enthusiasts with an inspiring space to discover a mix of middle eastern fine art, unique wearables, and cultural content. We have proudly adopted a buy-one-give-back model, so we commit to supporting cultural initiatives and to donating a book to literacy & education non-profit organizations for each work sold.

For each artwork sold, we commit to donating a book to someone who needs it, supporting their growth & their communities’ development. Art & knowledge are the tools that can inspire people of all ages & help them develop a positive attitude toward life while equipping them with the right mindset to grow both socially & professionally.

why osheq

The Middle East is not about war, illiteracy, angry people, short vision, botox, extremism, hate, and Poverty

The Middle East is a big canvas, colorful, beautiful, full of inspiration, full of surprises, a land of love, passion, art, poetry, beauty, diversity, this is the land of extreme passion – the land of Osheq!

Osheq – 3 Arabic letters defining a brand, a mindset, a generation, a culture:



A heart full of compassion, driven by love for others, for people who look like us, for people who are different, a heart filled with a drive to pay-it-forward because the way we feel about the world will define how we change it.



A passion to be different, to be unique and distinctive, to be a shining star in a sea of sameness because the way we experience the world will define the way we grow in it.



A vision to see the world, see the hidden beauty of our culture, our cities, our streets, our people because the way we see the world will define the way we react to it.

We are a brand where art, fashion, and purpose merge to inspire and change, where creativity is nurtured and celebrated through a platform selling limited edition art pieces, wearables, and unique fashion wears and accessories for the young collectors, the rebels, the art-connoisseurs, the social entrepreneurs, the superheroines,  the office-standouts, the fashionistas, the event-stars, the metrosexuals, the free-souls, and the independent men & women.

Osheq is an art collective a fashion hub and space to share and give back, inspired by the magic of this land, from the east, the soul of the world, in heart of the Arab realm, and the vibrant face of the Middle East. Osheq was founded with a higher purpose, a social conscience, and a strong belief that Art and Knowledge can and will change the world;

It’s simple, you buy a wearable,  an artwork, or a book, we donate a book in return because we are a bunch of artists, photographers, painters, illustrators, designers, dreamers, crazy people who believe in the power of art, books, and stories to shape a beautiful tomorrow.

Osheq is your companion to see different, feel different, and make a difference!