#OsheqLoves Wafa El Hilali – Our Curated Artist of the month for July

About Wafa and her Art

What is your Name, where are you from and when were you born?

Hi, I’m Wafa El Hilali, I’m French-Moroccan and I was born in France in 1982.

Tell us something about yourself that you would like our audience to know.

I love colours – they are for me a real source of energy!

What is the type/ form/ style of artwork you focus on?

I mainly use acrylic to produce contemporary abstract artworks and I constantly explore new media and techniques.

‘Night and Light’

Describe your creative process?

The creative process is always very special. I really need to be inspired or feel an impulse in order to start creating – no sketches nothing.

It is very often an initial thought, a feeling, an emotion that starts translating into the canvas – and layers after layers, colours start mixing, shapes start emerging and a story is being told…but I often think that my creating process starts in my subconscious, therefore, I can often be surprised by the results.

How did you commence your journey into Art and what was the first piece of Art that you had crafted?

I started scribbling on paper from a very young age – It was always very spontaneous, most of the time using a black or blue ink pen or pencil at times.

Although I never aimed at creating something specific or meaningful, it was almost like each drawing was hiding a secret. Around my late 20’s I put a little more thought into it, I loved writing and painting came along naturally. I had a full-time job but used to dedicate most of my free time to create, they were exclusive moments.

My first artwork was an acrylic painting, an abstract piece: a whirl of colours on a white background. “Tornado” that is perhaps how I would I have named it, had I kept and finished it.



How has your style changed over the years?

From naïve art, I very quickly moved into abstract art. The transition was effortless and felt natural. I feel that abstract art is timeless and give freedom to thoughts. It can also be mysterious and beautifully complex. This is what I love about it.

How do you differentiate your work from the rest?

I believe that every Artist is unique in his/her way of creating. I often feel the need to accompany my paintings with poems not because they are essential to one another but because these are two ways of expression that are close to my heart. By combining words and colours it is almost like I am creating a new language.

Do you ever experience creative blocks? How do you deal with them?

Yes, it happens of course. Often it means that I need a break, therefore, I don’t really push for it. I extract myself from the environment I am in to connect with another and let the inspiration find its source again.



If you had the chance to dine with an artist, who would it be and why?

I never really thought about this. Joker!

On Inspiration

What drives you to create art and where do you get your inspiration from?

Creating art is a process that is to me almost therapeutic. Art can be a way to free yourself and express yourself in a way that is very much singular. It is undoubtedly a powerful process. Creating art is also for me a way of using colours, movements, shapes/forms, images to graciously invite the minds to travel and make them explore new spheres.

As I paint (and combine poetry) I am sharing experiences, lessons learned and much more…almost hoping that my art will resonate with people, with their own soul and create a deep connection. Inspiration, for me, mainly comes from within…from a state of mind, from a feeling and emotion. I am very sensitive to nature and my environment (sounds, colours, shapes, vibes) and the four elements such as “Earth, Water, Air & Fire” really transcend through my creations. “Underwater” was actually the name of my very first solo exhibition.

Who inspires you as a person, and as an artist?

Life is my inspiration and given its beautiful complexity, there is always a multitude of things to draw on.

‘Al Ezdhar (Properity)’

What is your own favourite artwork and why? what’s the story behind it?

“April” is my own favourite artwork. I created this piece in April 2012. This is the very first piece that I have painted and felt connected with. April (or spring) has always been a season that I cherished. I was born in April maybe that explains it ;-). Here few words I wrote about it: “April is always near and spring is always clear. The wind is soothing and the Earth is welcoming. Here a witness, a transformation, a rebirth. Awakening the senses of nature. April”

What role do you think artists have in society?

Artists celebrate colours and put them into perspective. They bring life to life and build strong bridges between people and communities. Artists have the ability to pass on messages, ideas, emotions and much more, they create a new language that becomes part of “Culture”. 

How do you see the future of art?

Art is today becoming a new language to voice out opinions, ideas, emotions. I feel that it might gradually become essential to communicate between people, communities, nations. I see Art becoming a real source of inspiration as well to promote freedom, sharing and caring. (E.g: Art can be one of the best ways to raise funds for Associations and attempt and help those that need it the most). 

‘Visages d’un monde’ 

On Books

Can you name a book that impacted you as a person or that has left a mark on you?

The road less travelled by Scott Peck.

Our brand name is ‘Osheq’ which means Extreme Love or Extreme Passion – what does the word Osheq mean to you as an artist? or what is your own Extreme Love or Osheq story?

O for Oath – S for Sensitive – H for Human – E for Existence – Q for Quest.


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