#OsheqReads Khalil Gibran – our author of the month for January

We celebrate the start of 2017 by celebrating Khalil Gibran, our featured author for the month of January!

Born on January 6th 1883, Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese author, poet and artist who grew up in the United States having written his works primarily in English. A few of our favorite works from him are ‘A Tear and a Smile’, ‘Sand and Foam’ and ‘The Broken Wings’. 

Here are a few of our favorite quotes:



Did you know:

1) Khalil Gibran is the third best selling poet of all-time, coming after Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu. 

2) Gibran’s book ‘The Prophet’ has never been out of print since 1923, when it was first published. 

3) John Lennon used an altered line from Gibril’s poem 1926 “Sand and Foam” in the song Julia, included  TheBeatles’ 1968 “white” album.


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