#OsheqReads: The Woman in the Window

Our book of the month for March 2018: “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn reviewed in collaboration with Halos Library

One of the joys of being a reader is the fact that there are always new authors to discover. It is hard to believe that, ‘The Woman in the Window’ by A.J.Finn is a debut, its well-written, perfectly plotted, and a riveting book.

This book is really about Anna Fox and her day to day life as she struggles.  Anna suffers from agoraphobia, preventing her from leaving her house. When her new neighbors move in across the park from her house, Anna is intrigued by them. As she begins to investigate the story of her new neighbors, something horribly goes wrong. Anna witnesses something that shouldn’t have happened. She knows it’s something horrible, something she must alert the police about, and even provide help herself. That’s the moment when everything turns upside down. Did Anna actually see anything? What is she to believe, her eyes or those who tell her what her eyes have or haven’t seen? What, and who is real? Does she have anyone or anything to fear?

The vast majority of this novel is reading Anna’s thoughts. The author really painted such a vivid character that you will not mind following her around while she does very little. She is a very flawed protagonist which just makes her character even more real.

The author really was able to convey the hopeless feeling agoraphobia and the associated depression bring while telling a mystery which was gripping. He does a great job creating a dark world for Anna and showing us how detached she really was from reality, he does this by leaving small clues for us to pick up on but keeps us questioning to what really happened that night.

‘The Woman in the Window’ will definitely not be for everybody. The initial pacing is a bit slow but intriguing enough to keep reading and then halfway through the story progresses & the dark secrets start emerging through the book. The last part was absolutely un-put-downable!

If you read this book, look deeper, beyond the surface of each character, and pay attention to details that may seem insignificant at first. It may start out a bit slow pace but nothing is rushed or overlooked—everything is portrayed at exactly the right time. This was a really good story, I Highly recommend it for the avid fiction reader, and if you’re a beginner or new to fiction then my advice Is to just be patient with the first part of the book, trust me you will not regret it.


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