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From “Count-less Series”: Farah Soltani’s third solo exhibition “Count-less” was one of the most successful galleries in presenting contemporary art of Iran both locally and internationally. This time she developed a series of paintings that showed pieces of measuring tapes molded as if it is some types of typography, but the truth is they were sewing meters. The shapes written “by meters” are the symbolisms of human emotions such as, love, sadness, tenderness, friendship and etc.

Most of the meters don’t have numbers, which convey the fact that not everything is measurable when it comes to humanity and senses. For instant, art lovers can slightly read words such as grief, affection and companionship. On the other hand, Soltani refers to these tapes as imageries of figures moving playfully in the settings. As Soltani herself describes “For me the tapes are reflection of human being overlapping and colliding in my frames. Sometimes they are dancing other time they are fighting or sometimes just laying down next to each other.”

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Yes – White Italian Wood


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Farah Soltani was born in Tehran and received a high school diploma in graphic arts from Saba vocati... read more

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