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When describing this painting, the artist refers to a passage by Rasool Rakhsha:

“Small objects carry great moments along, and great moments drag out details from the corners of our lives to remind us that nothing exist but short instance of being. It is these mundane, minute details that seem to give us pause for thought; a moment to school ourselves in meaning, a return to the days of the past, through which we can, re-read our journey.

Safety pins attach our memories to thoughts, and crumpled sheets of paper flying towards the waste bin carry writings between their folds of words that shall forever remain unspoken. And this weightless sense of the trivial could be a good measure with which to redefine what meaning is. A meaning that is not marked on great and broad surfaces, but the meaning that only appears in things when we believe it. Sometimes, the small things lighten the burden on our shoulders. So simple, nothing needs to be happening.”

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Yes – Black Italian Wood


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Farah Soltani was born in Tehran and received a high school diploma in graphic arts from Saba vocati... read more

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