Scarf in limelight – Lights of Hamra Street

In the words of the Queen Bee Blair Warldrof (Fictional character in Gossip Girl played by Leighton Meester), “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. Its movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

Osheq believes in looking beyond the boundaries defined by the fashion landscape. We believe in indulging in the everyday moments that leave a lasting impact. From the first orange hued rays of sunrise to the night life being embraced by the artificial street lights, we want to amalgamate the Middle Eastern heritage and customs with a contemporary outlook of fashion!

Unfolding the story behind our scarf

The ‘Lights of Hamra Street’ is a breath of fresh air that represents the vibrant colors of your imaginative spirit. Embrace the magic of the streets that captures the essence of the poets and artists with a pictorial representation of the passion, lust and lost dreams – a time when Beirut was the heart of the Middle East. The street was a creative hub for people from all walks of life who united under the umbrella of intellect and revolution! It’s time to rejoice and revive the long forgotten memories of a street that ignited creativity and ideas. The scarf is a representation of a better tomorrow, keeping in mind the ancestral roots that paved the pathway for unleashing the artist within you!

Your scarf, your rules

We personally adore the scarf for the colorful palette that exhibits the fierce and bold side! Fashion is an art and you are the canvas, so here some basic style tips to wear this beauty like a fashionista.

1. White is the new black – Don a white-on- white ensemble to give this scarf the attention it deserves.
2. Peach pink for the win – Play with lighter pastel toned shades to make this scarf the center piece of your look. You can even opt for mint green, light blue or even lavender to set yourself apart
3. Black to steal the show – The color black has a timeless elegance that just lingers on for years. If you want to make that bold impression then flaunt this scarf with a black dress (Maybe add a sexy red pout while you are at it).

Tempted enough? Head of to order our ‘Lights of Hamra Street’ scarf right away. We know your wardrobe (and your heart) is screaming to get its hands on this! Click on the link below to follow your dreams.


Limited edition wearable artwrok – Lights of Hamra Street


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