Scarf in limelight – Water Thirst

As the days pass by, the earth continues to become further barren, with soil and throats parching, building cracks on the earth’s once flawless and exquisite skin. The ground no longer brown nor beige for death has no colour. There is no denying that water is life. With our lands being scorched, our tongues soon to follow, the need for water preservation is now more crucial than ever.

In Water Thirst, Negin Fallah uses her mastery of minimalistic design to enforce this prevalent issue that threatens to reign terror over all our lives. The relevancy of water scarcity is so fundamental that without certain action, we are collectively walking towards certain death.

Negin passionately demonstrates this common issue with diminutive graphics of thinning lines depicting the manner in which we, as residents of the Earth, continue to thin our precious water resources that are imperative to our survival. The intricate detailing along the borders portraying floral patterns are used to remind the wearer of this art that not only is water starkly important to our survival but also to the creatures around us, without whom we are likely to perish.


We need water in every aspect of our lives. This wearable art reminds us that we cannot continue to take from the Earth, that which she graciously gives us, in a manner of force and cruelty. It is time that we take a step back realize that we must change for our future to remain unchanged from what we hope it to be. 


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